End Racism, Build Peace©: International Day of Peace | 21 September

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Achieving true peace entails much more than laying down arms. It requires the building of societies where all members feel that they can flourish. It involves creating a world in which people are treated equally, regardless of their race, gender, class etc.


Unending lists of things “to-do”, less check marks on the side, I view Moving hither and thither am I, all around is stimuli Linking breath with motion, getting present in body to mind devotion Breathing-in-breathing-out, finding equilibrium all about Finding drishti, finding mountain, palms at center of heart—that’s certain Foot pressed into inner thigh, extending …

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Pay Day© [A Haibun]

She recalled her dead mamma’s words: “Child, if you run from something you’ll run from everything. There are some things you gotta fight for. Some battles God fight for you and others He fights through you”. Her mamma’s words—palpable and empowering—stayed on replay till she found her fighting strength. Emboldened. Bags packed in waitingDrunken footsteps …

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Snappy One Liners #6: Stand & Fight

Doing something a little different this week. No poetry. No prose. Instead I’ll be posting a series of snappy one-liners that are as good as a mouthful like: “If you run from something, you’ll run from everything”. You may also like previous posts in the series: #1Change, #2Be YOUniquely you, #3Know You, #4New Day New …

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Throwback #1 — D.O.A.© [with video]

Before-word: This piece was written based on the culmination of experiences of those of us who've encountered a lying, deceitful, manipulative narcissist who masqueraded as love. Who among us haven’t had such an encounter that leaves our hearts laden with rue. This is a live recording of a recital of D.O.A. at the Bowery Poetry …

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Heart Hijacked© (Etheree)

HeartSeizingArrestingRedirectingDecisive beatingForces uncontestedTo new location destinedPurposefully recreated Commandeered in transit awakenedHeart hijacked by your love to love for love 2021. ©createdbyDEEsign.com. All rights reserved Thank you for journeying along. First time to the site? Welcome! You may start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In creative solidarity, Dee

Ode to Break-up©

“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls”.Kahlil Gibran heart-eyes blinded by lovemasqueraded like rosessupple red petal fleshshriveled edges dried blood-stained fragile to the touchbreaking breaking uplives entangled separating heart from heart disconnecting intensity like physical cut detachinglike heart cardiac …

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Impervious© (a Senryu)

Hurtful words bounce off Impervious position A duck waddles back 2021 ©createdbyDEEsignAll rights reserved This piece is a contribution to Fandango’s One Word Challenge. Today’s word is “impervious”. “Impervious” made me think of bullying and the power of words to destroy contrasted with the fortitude and resilience of nature. Especially a duck—i.e. water off duck …

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Finding Hope in A Broken World

Before-word: This piece was written in response to the following questions I've been asking myself in the wake of protests to social injustice across the globe: How many times can a people be stretched before their elasticity is extended beyond its capacity to bounce back and they snap instead? What do you do when as …

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Unmasked© (a poem)

Before-word: I wrote this piece long before masking became part of global health guidelines. Today we mask-up to protect our immune systems from an unseen predator—the novel corona virus. So for that reason, follow the golden rule of masking: mask-up for others as you’d have them mask-up for you. However, when I wrote this piece …

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