Death Stole Life©

Death walked into life

Stole what would not be given

The affection of a daughter

The love of a mother

The endearment of a sister

The protection of an aunt

The kindness of a friend

Death stole life.

Life not fully lived, suddenly taken

Gone, but will never be forgotten

In my heart I’ll keep you alive

In my memories you’ll always reside

When you’re missed and tears fall

The joy in your laughter I’ll recall

I’ll see you—

In the shining sun

In its coming up and going down

In the blooming of flowers

And the rainfall of showers

In the morn of dawning

And the dusk of evening

In the stillness of breeze

And the strength of trees

I’ll see you.

Treasured you’ll be in my always-forever

Rest In Peace my beloved, my sister

Gone too soon
Rising 1977 – Setting 2021

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In creative solidarity, Dee

2 thoughts on “Death Stole Life©

  1. Anonymous

    We’ll see them again, but then again, we see them always; when we listen to our own heart beats, remember the treat; of having shared DNA. When time ticks and memories flick….back to yesterday, to yesteryear, to the last conversation and the continued thoughts. We see them always; in the eyes of our other siblings, the joy of their offspring and the memories of their voices. We’ll see them again….we see them always. Hugs and love my forever friend Audrey-Dawn (MC).

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