BirthMONTH—Day 5: I Affirm Today to Tell My Story Like It Really Is

Word of the day: STORY—telling an account of imaginary or real people and events

What is the story you’re telling yourself? Whose story is it anyway?

As the day unfolds, inevitably we’ll tell ourselves stories about what’s happening around us—in our own lives, about people we’re interacting with, and about ourselves. The story or narrative we construct is based on how we are experiencing the world around us in that moment, it’s an interpretation of facts as we see them. The narrative may not necessarily be false, but a version of the truth as we see it—from the perspective and experiences of “I”.

I’m a classic storyteller, mostly because I live so comfortably in my head. So, how do I manage?

  • Awareness is key. To recognize when you’re in story and when you’re getting stuck and ruminating particularly if it’s negative and making you unhappy.
  • Not judging yourself is important. Lean into the narrative you’re spinning, stay aware including how it’s making you feel—physically and emotionally—without judging yourself.
  • Best not to act, at least not in the immediate. You know that email you write and let it sit for a few hours then re-read it to your own horror at the content and tone of what you’d written? Yes, best not to act in the immediate.

And, it’s okay to tell your story as it really is.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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