Interior Decorating #2: Christmas Tree Makeover

I love decorating, period! It’s one other medium of my creative self-expression.

I especially love decorating for Christmas; and, my number one most favorite part is decking the Christmas tree. I love it so much the tree often stays up way past the “acceptable” time.

Christmas Tree

Only this year I thought: why not keep the tree up and extend my decorating joy all year long. And voila! So was born the valentine-tree© followed by the spring-tree©.


Lord knows we need to create joy in all the ways we can to counter the negativity of this pandemic.


Decked with paper flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and Easter eggs, the tree was transformed into a wonderful world of spring indoors. It’s a welcoming place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea or to read.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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