God Moments©

There are moments that some may call “happenstances” and others “coincidences”. I call them God moments – moments that mark the times when the ordinary of our lives is interrupted and interjected with the extraordinary. They are moments that cannot be explained, or are so perfectly orchestrated they are truly too good to be of man and must therefore be of God.

God moments come whenever:

  • Like a period (.): forcing us to stop and acknowledge that the normalcy and routine of our lives have been interrupted by the supernatural.
  • Like a comma (,): causing us to pause in contemplative wonderment of what has just transpired.
  • Like an exclamation (!): an a-ha moment when we’re awed by a sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension and left with no other expression than: “Look at God!”
  • Like a question mark (?): compelling us to query the depth and height of God’s love measured in the magnitude of our capacity to stray in the face of His resolute determination to chase.
  • Like a dash (—): a needed pause; betwixt and between the last dollar and an empty cupboard; a phone call to say “hey” breaking through a lonely moment; or the simultaneous pairing of the perfect song with the bewilderment of your heart.

God moments happen wherever like while we are taking a walk, driving on the busy thoroughfares or flying in the boundless skies.

And, no matter when or where they are manifested, we are caught off guard by God moments. But no, not so for God. These moments are all part of His design. And, He smiles a smile so big it sun-lights up the sky as He savors our astonishment to His interspersing humanity with snippets of the Divine.

What have been your God moments?

Thank you for reading! Follow the blog👈 for more.

In creative solidarity, Dee

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