Sunday Photo Reflection #1: Spring Blooms & River Flow

It rained all last night and most of today. At the first sign the rain was abating, me and my trusty iPhone headed down the stairs and across the street to the walk path and river to capture nature in her glow.
First I encountered the hydrangeas on the steps as I’m heading out, they’ve perked up to the thrill of spring showers …
…then the Tulips, this one awash with rain drops and hugged by Bleeding Hearts
Soon I got to one of my fav spots in the park—the Bronx River. Today it’s swollen, gushing noisily over this short fall
…I must sit for awhile and bask in the beauty surrounding me
Then it’s off for a stroll along the Bronx River Walk Path—it’s the epitome of serene, today enhanced by variance in the shades of spring-time green
…ending where I started, Bleeding Hearts & Tulips
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