Miracle: 6 Word Story

Brokenness is the MIRACLE of healing.

You may like the piece on the Japanese art form of repairing broken pottery—KINTSUGI (also known as kintsukuroi)—literally translated to mean “golden repair”, is practiced from the philosophy of treating breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.

2021 ©createdbyDEEsign. All rights reserved. 

Written for Shweta Suresh’s Saturday Six Word Story Prompt. The word is “miracle.” Check out her blog for the rules and join in the fun.

Thank you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

11 thoughts on “Miracle: 6 Word Story

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    1. Thanks! And again thanks for hosting!!!! I know it takes consistency and a lot of work to manage these prompts. We’re on the receiving end of your creativity and hard work. #grateful

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