Love Jones©

… yeah, she gotta love jones—for him:

It’s the handsome way he stands out in a crowd

Strong muscular features that complement

Chiseled angles of caramel-toned face

Perfectly-formed brows arched protectively over

Pools of dark-brown eyes

Eyes that glitter with mischief, laughter and delight

Or, could it be nose gently protruding

Above the sensuous pout of full-contoured lips

A confident inviting smile that draws her into him

Into the warmth of strong yet gentle hands

Skillful, knowing fingers that caress

Square-cut shoulders trimmed by slim, vibrant waist

Thighs and legs and feet which knowingly retake

The path to her

‘Cause he too gotta love jones—for her

©2021 All rights reserved 

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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