Blessed Assurance©

Dear God

When I say You are my Provider — You say my needs are met

When I say You are my Protector — You say my path is prepared

When I say You are my Rock, my Banner, my Strong Tower — You say I am sustained and I am protected

When I say You are my Healer — You say I am healed, restored, made whole

When You say You are my EVERYthing — I know I have EVERYthing I need

After-word: At first I titled this piece “When I Say…When You Say”. But, the more I dwelt on the meaning of the words I penned the more it resonated in my spirit: to believe what God says, even in the absence of its revelation, requires certainty and confidence—that’s assurance! I borrowed from Fanny Crosby’s beautiful timeless hymn, “Blessed Assurance”. Assurance means to be certain and confident, free from doubt. Blessed assurance is a holy or sacred confidence—not in us, but in what God says we are and what we have in Him. This should gives us an unshakeable-certain-free-from-doubt relationship with God.

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity

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