the GIFT of nature

One of the good-good gifts of The Most High God—is NATURE—which I’d like to share with you in this short video clip (below) and photo montage (above) with one intent: to bless you as I’m blessed.

👆This is a short video clip from my seat on a rock by the river

Inspired by AuthorWorld writing prompt based on this image, the title is nature.

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

17 thoughts on “the GIFT of nature

    1. Hi Linda. So happy you enjoyed. I know you’re always surrounded by the beauty and splendor of nature so happy you found some loveliness in the wee bit of nature I managed to capture in photos/videos. Thanks for the good wishes. Wishing you a great weekend too. Cheers, Dee

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    1. Hi Eugi. I’m so happy you enjoyed this. It makes me feel g-double-o-d … GOOD 😊 Hope you had a great day. We had a massive storm in NY last night so having a sunshiny day was a nice reprieve.


            1. Oh my goodness—i know!!!! I recently sent a work email from my phone and it autocorrected a word to a cuss word and I didn’t see it until the mili-second before I hit “send”. And unlike from the computer where I have 30 seconds to recall a message, this was SENT. Imagine my horror 😱 I turned it into a “oh boy, my phone thinks it’s smarter than me” joke but 😱🥺😖😫😳🤯

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