Interior Decor #3: AfroChic —Zulu Isicholo Hats

There are many courses/paths/directions one can take in making a home feel homey and inviting. Key is pulling your space together in an intentional way. A purposeful design is one where the story of the space is told aesthetically.

Combining style, decor trends and culture to create this entryway space was one way to tell the story of this home. What do you see? What story does this evoke in you?

Here’s the story: This wall hanging of Zulu-hats-turned-wall-decor was curated to create an AfroChic space. The owner lived in Africa, including South Africa. The Zulu hats (or Isicholos) originate from Kwazulu Natal, the powerful Zulu nation of South Africa. These hats are traditionally worn by married women for ceremonial celebrations. Because the accent color is red, choosing these hats was also an intentional way to pull the space together.

And voila! An Afrochic space was curated. What do you think?

Also contributing to Fandango’s One Word Challenge, today’s word is course.

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