Don’t Let Go©

Don’t let go
Flashing lights, billboards aglow
Watching life beneath him flow
People cluelessly dithering to and fro
What’s dangling above, they do not know
Grisly thoughts, they’re starting slow
Feelings of trepidation, quickly grow
Gotta turn it around, change it somehow
Breathe—calm erratic heart, pulsing slow
Regaining composure, decidedly avow
Maintaining grip, even so
Don’t let go

2021 ©createdbyDEEsign
All rights reserved
This piece is in reply to this photo challenge hosted by Weejars and the Word of the Day Challenge hosted by Melanie—today’s word is grisly

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In creative solidarity, Dee

10 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go©

    1. Hi Mason. There’s no telling where an imagine can take you isn’t it?! If it doesn’t move me in the first 5 or so minutes I know it’s not my “story” to tell. Thanks for reading and engaging. So glad you’re back. Cheers, Dee

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