in homage nubian Queen©

Written by my chomma (good friend) who writes me poems for my birthdays. Here’s to 2022:

in homage nubian Queen

nubian Queen…
presider of the golden dust of the African soil, the emerald green of the highveld,
the azure blue of the oceans and the lakes that nourish it,
black as the unseen depths of mystery, that fuel the earth from its belly,
one with the heat of the equator that encircles the earth,
drenched with the beauty of all hues of colour

nubian Queen…
here’s your Africa, where the tribes, languages, your people abound,
where the spoken is both ancestral and polluted with dialects of yonder,
where the dancers sway and undulate rhythmically, flamboyantly,
where the ululations are soulful, spiritual and celebratory,
where the drumbeats sound the gloom, the doom and the bloom

nubian Queen…
you are wom(b)an, mother, warrior whose offspring comes from within, part of the earth and amongst your kinswomen,
you birth ideas, visions, dreams and futures,
you court and hold court in your space, place, time, and order,
you’re strong yet soft, hard as crystal, with the brilliance of a diamond,
you’re here in touch, yet there in royal stature

nubian Queen…
the season of homage to you is upon us,
the earth rotates for an annual to honour you without fail,
two million animals migrate and move every year in season,
chapters are written, books closed, eyes shut and open as times end, and times begin
the blessings are counted the praises raised,
a season of anniversary gone past and a new one ahead.

Birthday blessings, my nubian Queen.

by Amanda Khoza

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved

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