Poem: Golden Love Breath of God©

on the rare occasion I’m videotaped while reciting

There she stood
Radiant in her beauty
A shimmering, bright goddess of gold in human form
He stares, then wills himself to speak the words
As if like copper
Conductor of electricity and heat
He draws her unto himself
And she surrendered
Bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh
With the exchange of “I do” the two became one
Hearts on fire
They forged a bond no human means can separate
Traversing the ups and downs over 50 years together
For better or for worse this golden couple
Love, and live, and laugh


Its intensity dense
Impenetrable by any other
Its texture soft
Molding into “I forgive” before the sun descends, no wrath
It’s a life source
Nurturing children of your loins and those of your choosing
Its foundation spiritual, solid
Not reactive no matter the circumstances
Your love is unconditional


Moving this and fixing that
Flowers here and flowers there
Creating a place of solace
You made your house a home
A home where disciplinarian actions were structured
Always meted out with kindness
A home-like sanctuary
With “High Priest” and “First Lady”
Where praises like incense rise and
Blessings like rain fall
Your love is spiritual


Like gold that lies deep in earth’s core
So is laughter central to your soul
The telling of edgy jokes
She giggles and prods
Balanced with tinges of embarrassment, he simply smiles along
You’ve met life’s challenges with expressions of emotional states of joy and happiness
Your love is laughter

At 50 years of wedding bliss
Your love is unconditional
Your love is spiritual
Your love is laughter
You’re draped in gold—the breath of God

After-word: Many of the pieces I write are commissioned. This piece was written for a couple on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. It’s a personal piece based on conversations with their children and closest friends. I chose the title because gold is the symbol of 50th anniversaries and ancient Egyptians called gold “the breath of God.” The husband, who I affectionately called Dad, has since passed on (may he Rest In Peace). I post this in tribute to his life, their love and their lives together.

First posted 17 December 2020
©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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