AFRICA in My Heart ©Dawn Minott |for Black History Month, with audio

She is

the beat in my heart
the air in my breath
the spirit in my soul

She is

the melanin in my skin
the rhythm in my steps
the swing in my hips

She is

the kink in my hair
the roundness of my nose
the fullness of my lips

She is

the lineage in my genes
the legacy in my ancestry
the history in my story

She is

Africa in my heart

2033 All Rights Reserved      [first published 2021]

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In creative solidarity, Dee

31 thoughts on “AFRICA in My Heart ©Dawn Minott |for Black History Month, with audio

    1. Indeed Warren. Indeed. Coincidentally I have a piece entitled “Mama Africa” (I think I’ll put it on the blog😊). Thanks…your comment reminded me of it. And thanks for stopping by. Cheers , Dee

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    1. Hi Cecily
      I’m so humbled that you chose to reblog my piece “Africa in my heart”. It’s the first time a fellow blogger has extended my work this honor and I’m grateful to you. Thank you!!! You chose a perfect pairing with Brenda Fassie. She’s one of my fav South African artists. When I lived in SA I actually bought the CD with that very song. It’s a tribute song to a son getting married. Beautiful lyrics. Well done.
      Cheers, Dee


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