Star-Crossed Love©

They met before the stars alignedOpposed by fate, as destiny designed Yet in love they fell, what a wretched plightTo shroud love in secrecy, like a putrid night In another life could they be together?Is there life after death, would they find each other? If only they’d met in a different timeTo love each other …

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Throwback #1 — D.O.A.© [with video]

Before-word: This piece was written based on the culmination of experiences of those of us who've encountered a lying, deceitful, manipulative narcissist who masqueraded as love. Who among us haven’t had such an encounter that leaves our hearts laden with rue. This is a live recording of a recital of D.O.A. at the Bowery Poetry …

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Heart Hijacked© (Etheree)

HeartSeizingArrestingRedirectingDecisive beatingForces uncontestedTo new location destinedPurposefully recreated Commandeered in transit awakenedHeart hijacked by your love to love for love 2021. © All rights reserved Thank you for journeying along. First time to the site? Welcome! You may start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In creative solidarity, Dee