Throwback #1 — D.O.A.© [with video]

Before-word: This piece was written based on the culmination of experiences of those of us who’ve encountered a lying, deceitful, manipulative narcissist who masqueraded as love. Who among us haven’t had such an encounter that leaves our hearts laden with rue. This is a live recording of a recital of D.O.A. at the Bowery Poetry Café (NY City).

[click the “play” icon to watch live recital of D.O.A.©]

This was the very first post on the blog. I’m using it to start a series—“Throwback”—to highlight posts of those early blogging days. Today’s Throwback contributes to Fandango’s One Word Challenge—the word is rue. I hope you enjoy watching this live recording. The audience reaction was electric!!

Thanks you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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