Right now the world is in solidarity with Ukraine as it fights for freedom, and rightly so. While there is aggression from without there’s aggression within. Again we see that racism and discrimination know no boundaries and that hurt people hurt people. In addition to the trauma of war, Black people are being detained at borders and animals/pets given safe passage while they are being pushed off trains. As we pray for Ukraine we pray for ALL people—regardless of race or nationality, to have equal access to cross borders to safety.

Shabbat Shalom: Prayer For Peace & Ukraine

Click👆to listen to audio of this post In light of what is taking place in Ukraine and its heart-rending and life-altering impact, I’ll pause the “What In God’s Name” series today to instead offer a prayer for peace. However, before the prayer I’d like to go back to a giant statue that was put up …

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Sunday Photo Reflection #20: Reflections

My favorite park—it has a river running through it, and bridges, and tons of trees and a walk/run path winding along the river. Now that autumn is here it’s an array of colors. I spend many hours absorbing its beauty and being healed by its tranquility. Today the reflection from its river is captured for …

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Autumn©: A Novelinee

A stealthy idyllic season of changes,Transforming trees to colors like rainbow.Leaves evolve to variegated ranges,Set tops of mountain and valleys aglow.Picturesque landscapes of vivid splendor,Fields transforming into orange-red hues.A bridge between summer and winter,Nature’s cure to evaporate the blues,If only the joys of autumn we choose. ©2021 All Rights Reserved The Novelinee poetic form …

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Shabbat Shalom: Rest in Stillness

I’m a big fan of David. The David of the Bible. Yes, that prolific spoken word artist who was also a master harpist, a warrior King and a murderous adulterer. So bloody were the hands of David from warding off assailants while he fled a jealous crazed king and from wars he waged to secure …

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Sunday Photo Reflection #7: Happy Garden Vibes

One of the positive things about movements being restricted by this pandemic is that it freed up time and so I picked up new hobbies. In addition to blogging (you may like “Why I Created This Blog”), I also started gardening over the past 2-3 months and it’s been pure JOY! So before I lose …

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