100 Days War: Refugee©

Walking for days

Days in cold, sleet and rain—away

Away from ways

Ways of life that’s changing

Changing all around

Around me faster

Faster than my mind can conceive

Conceive that war

War is raging

Raging in my homeland

Homeland no longer home

Home no longer land

Land I love, I defend

Defend to the very end

End of the road I arrive

Arrive in a new place, not home, I stand

Stand, I will not fall

Today marks 100 days since the invasion of Ukraine which has now displaced 8 million people within their country while 6 million refugee movements have been registered. The world’s focus is primarily on Ukraine, understandably. This piece is drawing attention to the fact that there are over 100 million refugees the world all over—a number reached for the first time on record. This is a record that never should have been set. “Let there be peace on earth.”

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In creative solidarity, Dee

47 thoughts on “100 Days War: Refugee©

  1. Powerful poem.
    I saw a black skinned student complaining about racism. He never heard that at sea and in war, women, children and the elderly escape first.
    He expected a black mother with her children be taken from those waiting in line.
    But she was allowed to walk through.

    Now he understands…..

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    1. Experience is a good teacher Syl. Some things are so unbelievable, only when we see/experience then we can believe it. My hope for our world is peace and that we are each a kind human. 🙏🏽😊🙏🏽


  2. Viv H

    The children of Israel left Egypt to go to the promised land. These people are leaving their country to enter into the unknown, not a place where milk and honey flows. I can imagine how frightening this must be. It is the not knowing that affects you.

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  3. wyndolynne

    That rhythm lends itself to the exhaustion and the rethinking; I wish that places could get safer rather than worse and that families could avoid having their history ripped from the walls and stuffed into bags. I don’t understand how anyone can see a line of people at any border and think that this is something that they wanted or would have chosen without dire necessity.

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  4. Anonymous

    Sighhhh!! I think OFTEN of the SHEER displacement, and fear that MUST grip them, as they go forward into the unknown, and ALSO know not what they will be returning to, and when, if ever, they will get to return.

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    1. So so true. There’s no way to spin this that makes the inhumanity of human against human understandable. What I try to hone in on is the bravery. The determination. The sheer drive to survive.

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      1. Your poem is moving and what is happening now is moving the hearts of many all over the world. Your comment to another is so true, hurt people hurt people. My heart goes out to you and yours. Thank you for sharing at the Muse Dee.


      2. harripat

        “Man to man is so unjust, we don’t know who to trust.” Injustice should never be tolerated. What is happening in Ukraine is heart breaking. What would happen to little island country if a superpower decides to claim it?
        In a sense we are all refugees, uprooted and made homeless by sin. Thank God that Jesus came to our aid and all who trust Him will be citizens of a better country.


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