I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) Plan

Based on the “I survived Covid-19” article, I’ve received a lot of questions, particularly from those living alone, on preparedness.

In response, I’m sharing the ICE (In Case of Emergency) plan I have in place, that’s modified for Covid19 and based on the questions received. It’s a simple plan, hope you find it helpful.

  • Decide which hospital you’ll go to (if it becomes necessary) and know their Covid19 protocol in advance.
  • Be familiar with how to dial 9-1-1 when your phone is in locked mode (without having to first unlock the phone).
  • Make sure your ICE contacts are up to date and each has the up-to-date contact info of the other; determine how much medical info (if any) you wish your ICE contacts to have and ensure that info is current.
  • Add your ICE contacts’ info to your locked screen which makes it readily available to first responders when the phone is locked (there are apps to use for that; I used the wallpaper option (iPhone) by saving the ICE contact info onto a photo, then uploaded the photo and set it for “lock screen only”).
  • Your ICE contact should be able to access your home (in the event you’re incapacitated).
  • If your house has a locked security/storm door, consider leaving that door unlocked during days of crisis this way you’ll only have to contend with unlocking the main door in an emergency.
  • Consider including acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol) in your first aid kit, it helps to manage fever and pain.

ICE Tips

  • Consider saving your ICE contact in your phone using this naming format: ICE-Name-relation-location (e.g. ICE Maya Smith (sister, New Jersey); include all phone numbers, email and physical addresses.
  • Consider using the “Emergency SOS” app on your phone, update it with relevant medical and ICE contact info (even if your phone is locked, the SOS app can be accessed but your contacts and other info on the phone remain private).

Of course, we all must be security conscious so only you can make the call on just how much medical info you wish to have on your phone and accessible in an emergency.

Stay safe. Make a simple emergency plan.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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