Tribute: Remember Me© [phase3]

Before-word: I wrote this piece as a tribute to the life of a dear dear friend (may her soul Rest In Peace). There was so much to say about this beautiful life, sharing it here in phases, this is phase 3.

Remember Me In The Laughter

I am the laugh
That laugh
Bubbling up from the sole of my feet
Marinating in my heart
Escaping my lips
Ricocheting. Resonating. Reverberating.
Eliciting the spontaneous movements of your face and lips
Forcing you to join in the expression of what had caused my amusement
Can you hear it?
Let it permeate your heart
Make you smile through the tears
I am alive in your laughter
Cry for me but most of all in joy

Remember me

Thank you for reading! Follow the blog👈 for more.

In creative solidarity, Dee

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