Another Milestone: 100 Follows—THANK YOU!

Today the blog reached another milestone—100 follows! Yippee 🥳

THANKS to each of you. I appreciate you so much—you’re part of the motivation for my writing.

From Mauritius to Macedonia, from Ghana to Sudan my words have traversed the globe connecting with people in places I’ve never been: how incredible is this?! THANK YOU!

I also want to send a special shoutout to two fellow bloggers: (1) a piquant cup of words who tipped the blog following over into triple digits; and (2) Ashok Wahi (@Musings of A Wanderer blog) who moved the blog from zero likes/follows with the first post “like” and blog “follow”.

And thank you WordPress. When my soul cries out for release and words are my only solace, I turn to you and I write!

. . . if you’re not yet following, you may click here to 👉subscribe and you may 👉follow the blog for more.

In creative solidarity, Dee

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