Heart Story©

Part I

Once upon a time in the land of hearts

Happy hearts glided along the cloud nine express

While enchanted hearts delightfully soared on ecstasy rockets

One lonely heart crouched down, despair concealed in the heart-break corner

Away from the buzz of new-found love

She diligently works to put herself back together again

This time the herding of broken pieces is faster

Gathering this and tending that piece

Taping here and sewing there

Patching the hole where hurt took his piece

Muttering self-promises never to be so trusting

Whispering reassuring-cautions this ne’er again would be

Fear by fear she laboriously builds a wall of protection, impenetrable

Heart-break sensors affixed at every crevice

Armed with warning codes, she sits—poised, ready to block the next hurt

Part II

Along comes he to the land of hearts, looking for a heart able to love him

One that’s been broken and mended

One that’s been where he considers familiar ground

And there she was—stoic, wrapped protectively in her bubble of safety

Armored behind a self-imposed wall of protection

Eyes slowly rising to the intensity of his penetrating gaze

And he greets her—sawu bona—I see you

I see you in your love

I see you in your affection

I see you in your soul

You mean everything to me

Heart meets heart, souls collide

And she greets him—sikhona—I am here

I am here in healing radiating from the heart

I am here in spirit of sharing, revealing, receiving

I am here in recognition and revelation of giftedness

Part III

Heart meets heart like mirror to mirror reflecting

Heart door once shut tight, reopening

I see you!

Light—leading her heart through the darkness of hurt spaces

Air—breathing hope, filling her with newness of love

Touch—reigniting senses, creating a world she merely dreamed of

Teach her to once again see beauty in feelings

Because you see me, I am here!

Copyright 2021 createdbyDEEsign

Thank you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

8 thoughts on “Heart Story©

    1. ahhh… thanks Hephzibah!!! I appreciate you. I started this piece years ago and discovered it, unfinished, on my computer recently. I guess it wasn’t ready to be completed till now. Cheers, Dee


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