In God’s Hands©

Slamming door

No goodbyes

Footsteps fading quickly

No backward glance

Skidding tires

Racing from a life built together

Snow flakes—

Gently falling, clinging to bare branches


Slowly rolling, staining my round dark cheeks

Small puddles—

Forming, gliding along the window sill

Tail lights—

Retreating, fading in the distance

In the beginning, talk came easy

Plans made, memories created

We don’t talk the way we use to

Confrontations, vows are broken

Didn’t we vow to love forever?

Forever knows no end

Forever knows no boundary

Right now it seems to be ending

But on us I won’t give up

While the heart needs time for mending

I’m putting us in God’s hands

Thank you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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