A Goddaughter’s Prayer©

This prayer was written for the christening of my Goddaughter based on the meaning of her names—Diana Elizabeth.

It is decreed in your name: Heavenly, Divine
Heavenly angel you are, dispatched from the Divine
May your spirit never wander from the righteousness of God
And your footsteps stay anchored in the pathway of His love
May your eyes see unknown tomorrows and lived yesterdays
And your spirit be discerning of thoughts and intentions of hearts
May your hands be never idle
And your feet bring tidings of good news
May your mouth always say gentle and kind words
And your heart overflow with joy, peace and love

It is decreed in your name: God is abundance
In you is everything God created you to be
You will be the head, and never the tail
A lender, and never a borrower
You will be above and never beneath
Who ever intends to curse you, shall bless you instead
You will be exalted in your coming in and in your going out
Whatever may intend to bring you harm will be subjected under your feet

As it is said, so shall it be
Diana Elizabeth
This is our prayer for you

2021. ©createdbyDEEsign. All rights reserved. 

Contributed to Cyrany Word of the Day Challenge, the word for today is prayer.

Thank you for reading.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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