Shabbat Shalom: Sabbath, A Time-Tithe

Sabbath is a tithing of our time.

Okay—having put that out there, let me explain:

Sabbath and tithing are two biblical principles. Both appear paradoxical or self-contradictory on the surface. And, both are associated with blessings.

Paradoxical and a blessing? How? Both are based on you giving up a portion of what you have a finite amount of on the basis of faith in a God who will bless you abundantly above what you had before you gave.

There’s no mystical hocus-pocus here. Rather, it’s one of the great paradoxes and a guiding principle in the economy of God: If you try to hold on to all of your resources, you may not have enough. When you give some of what you have over to God, you invariable end up with more than you need.

Let me give a personal take on this. When I don’t seem to have enough hours in the week and yet I set aside the Sabbath day for rest and worship, I’m still able to accomplish the tasks at hand. It’s not that more hours are added to my week, obviously not. But by virtue of deciding to honor the Sabbath—in spite of the heavy demands on my time—I’m saying to God: I’m honoring You and giving You rulership/Lordship over my time. Much the way I do with my money.

As a result, my perspective and priorities change. A rested mind generates better ideas. But more importantly, I make decisions on how to manage my time on the wisdom of God instead of being driven and informed by the stressful circumstances of life.

Tithing is the principle of setting aside a specific amount of our increase for a specific purpose. Celebrating Sabbath is an opportunity to make a conventional offering to the Lord—the offering of the most precious resource that we have in life—time.

Shabbat Shalom. May you find the blessings in setting aside/tithing a portion (24 hours) of your week-time in Sabbath rest and worship.

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6 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom: Sabbath, A Time-Tithe

    1. Wonderful Esther. Happy you found the post a blessing.

      By the way, I love your name—Esther is one of my fav Bible personalities.

      Thanks for the “follow”! Hope you find good stuff here 🙏🏽😊🙏🏽


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