Retirement© (An Abecedarian)

Before-word: this piece was commissioned for a Director’s retirement. Was my very first acebedarian and submitting it for Looking for an August Scavenger Hunt challenge!

After all’s been said and done, another milestone achieved

Besides the odds you made the choice to act as you believed

Calmly and courageously, you made the bold decision

Dedicated time for family and friends, that is your new commission


Everything your heart desires, and then abundantly more

For family, friends and loved ones, time spent like none before

Grandchildren romping, laughing, and prancing all around

Happy to have their grandpa there, their gentle spirits abound


Inspiration is our wish for you to carry on your mission

Just because you have retired don’t minimize your vision

Know that you have changed the lives of many along your way

Listening with intention, with wise counsel fears allayed


Many staff were blessed to see the softer-gentler you

Never a moment missed to ask: “and how do you do?”

Open and inviting, you are kind and empathetic 

Present ever focused, your leadership is copasetic 


Quiet is your strength, calm is your secret weapon

Resolutions reached in spite of complex situations

Starbucks coffee? No! No! No! You had your private brew

Taste and smarts, standout you are, among the talented few


Undeniable will be your impact, long past your adieu

Valiant you have been, a mandate champion tried and true

We will miss you more than a poem can fully say

eXpect to hear from us, we promise, not every single day

You, dear Director, receive our thanks for your leadership of our Division

Zillions of blessings we invoke for a lifetime of family love and devotion

©2021 All rights reserved 
A sampling of the stationery used to present the piece

Thank you for reading.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

5 thoughts on “Retirement© (An Abecedarian)

  1. Brilliant! I bet the director will be very pleased with this delightful and heartfelt poem! He sounds like the kind of person that will be very difficult to replace…
    Thanks for joining the scavenger hunt! I hope you are inspired to write a couple more!!

    Liked by 2 people

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