Who Am I©

Who am I
That You—the Almighty-God is gracious toward me
That You consider my feelings
And gather each of my tears in Your bottle of consolation

Who am I
That You—the Creator-God thinks of me
That You built art in the middle of eARTh
And gave me senses to take delight and pleasure in it

Who am I
That You—the Redeemer-God died for me
That you traded my sorrows for joy
And gave me beauty where once there were ashes

Who am I
That You—the Omniscient-God loves me
That though You know me You chase after me
And envelope me in Your unconditional-don’t-want-anything-in-return love

Who am I?

I am Your chosen one, Your daughter, Your beloved

©2021 createdbyDEEsign.com
All Rights Reserved

This post contributes to Cyranny Word of the Day challenge, today’s word is gracious.

Thank you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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