Shabbat Shalom: Be Still [a poem]

Be still

Lord, how can I be still while life rushes by? Surely, “be still” was for a different time

When men and women heard Your voice
And a donkey talked for it had no choice

When a river’s direction turned about
And a wall came down at the sound of a shout

When a sea parted for a mighty exodus
And healing took place from a faithful touch

When some who died were given life anew
And a man walked with You way beyond the blue

Certainly then Lord, but not now
Be still? Okay, but Lord, how?

Be still—take time out, pause, be at rest in Me

And when doubt and fear consume me?

Be still—don’t speak, be quiet, just listen for Me

But Lord, I’ve tried yet I don’t hear Thee

Be still—do nothing, wait . . . wait for Me

But Lord I only have time, You have all eternity

Be still—trust Me

When you say I am your Healer
Aren’t you saying you are healed?
Be still then, sit at my feet, be renewed

When you say I am your Shepherd
Aren’t you saying you’ll never be lost?
Be still then, wait awhile, know that I am God

When you say, I am your Provider
Aren’t you saying you shall not want
Be still then, abide in Me, be fulfilled

Be still—trust Me

Shabbat Shalom. I pray you find an inner place of quietude to be still.

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9 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom: Be Still [a poem]

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  2. messamn

    Beautiful! Yet in the busyness of life I must take time to be still. And in the stillness knowing that all is well,. RIght here, right now!
    I give God the glory and the praise!

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  3. afrijam13

    This is so beautiful. In the busyness of life being still can be such a challenge. Each day I challenge myself to sit quietly and meditate on the goodness of my Creator, the blessings that he has and continues to shower on me. Regardless of the challenges of this season, I am thankful for the blessing of stillness and joy that it brings me.

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    1. Indeed e-friend!!! It’s hard to stay still when all around us and even sometimes within us is shifting. I share the share thankful reason you do!!! Blessings on you today and always. Dee


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