A Christmas Poem: Mary’s Awesome Child© [with audio]

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Part I

In the still of the night, a light so bright
From sleep awakens me in fright
Unsure I look around to see God’s holy angel standing by
With a solemn mission I could not deny

Me? You want me to be the mother of the Messiah?
It would be my heart’s desire
To play a role in redemption’s plan?
A plan to save the soul of everyone?

And so the Holy Spirit gently came
My life has not been the same
For within my womb was placed God’s only Son Almighty
Nine months to protect and keep in safety

But, how do I tell my husband-to-be
There’s already a child growing inside of me?

I know—I’ll say:

Honey, He will be called the Prince of Peace
His name to all a sweet release
God, becoming a child like no other
To Him we’ll be father and mother
To nurture, protect and to teach the way
To hear His first word and to watch Him play
I’ll cradle Him safe upon my breast
To Him I’ll be a mother best
After Him my womb will bear none other
So awesome, like Christ, to call me mother

Donkeys, horses in a barn
All beheld God’s miracle being born
Pharisees and Scribes too blind to see
That the prophecy of the Messiah had come to be
Wise men traveled from afar
And shepherds followed a distant star
Bowed down their heads to worship Him
But Herod tried to have Him killed
From Bethlehem’s manger we had to flee
Our child, indeed, would be a Nazarene

And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature
Spending many days alone with God in nature
An understanding of scriptures beyond His years
He challenged the doctrine of even those who weren’t His peers

I remember—I lost Him once among a worshiping throng
Three days I worried and I searched—where did I go wrong?
When I found Him, He was carrying out His Father’s affair
Speaking with an authority, learnt men revere

Returning home, I held tightly to His hand
My heart is heavy, now I truly understand
Today, three days lost in a crowd
Tomorrow, three days in a grave enshroud

Part II

No longer a child, but a man of thirty years
With a hug and a kiss, He left me in tears
He traveled near and far from home
Without a place to call His own

I remember His first miracle—turning water into wine
So proud was I, for once upon a child He was mine

And the stories—they came from every corner
So many miracles and yet they wondered
If He was the promised King, their Messiah
No! Too lowly to be their Deliverer

And so, my child they nailed up, upon a tree
But before He died He looked out to me
For He could always see deep within my heart
And He knew just then it was broken in every part

Even in death my baby thought of me
Knowing without Him I could not be
In what sounded like His final breath
He entrusted me to John upon His death
I knew His Father’s heart was also broken
For the heavens cried and the earth was shaken

That night I laid sleepless upon my bed
For when I close my eyes, I saw my baby—dead!
Blood flowing freely from His hands and feet
From nine-inches spikes, driven down deep

I buried my child in a borrowed tomb
And with these hands, I anointed His wounds
Then I remembered what the olden prophets foretold
That this child would bring both joy and sorrow to my soul

Joy upon the night when I laid Him in the manger
And angels proclaimed that my baby was the Savior
Sorrow upon this day that He gave grace
To save the entire human race
His disciples scattered far and wide
When once upon a time, they were all by His side

Part III

But, on the third day the Father cried: Jesus! My Son! Arise!
And the earth quaked
And the stone rolled away
And Jesus stepped forth the resurrection and the way

Surely, you see why He’s my awesome child
My lowly Jesus, meek and mild
The King of kings, once my baby
It takes faith to believe it really

And now He’s in heaven to reign as King
An advocate if you or I sin
And though He sits upon His throne
He’s yearning to come and take me home

He’s my awesome Child
He’s God’s Son but He’s also mine

2021 © All rights reserved 
As appeared in my book Moments: A Poetic Heart Journey

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