BirthMONTH—Day 16: I Affirm Today Not to Compromise at My Heart’s Expense

The times I’ve compromised have mostly been to avoid conflict.

I find that going along to get along, or to be liked, is the worse kind of compromise.


Because it means you’ve given up something that you value to please someone else.

In those times I’ve felt discontented and disconnected from my heart/my voice. The more you do this you become demoralized because you lose more of you. And, those you compromise your heart/your voice for, will over time devalue you.

Today I affirm to stand up and speak up for what my heart knows to be truth because I find that:

I’m a healthier, happier me when I speak and live what’s in my heart boldly and fiercely with kindness.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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