BirthMONTH—Day 22: I Affirm Today to Thrive Not Survive [Senryu]

Love interrupts time

The gift of life bestowing

Time waits not. Live. Thrive.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

6 thoughts on “BirthMONTH—Day 22: I Affirm Today to Thrive Not Survive [Senryu]

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  2. Anonymous

    I think I’ve been “meing” since my father’s sperm met my mama’s egg and my residence was in utero. At the end of ANY day, since you have to live with you; the ONLY person you are with 24/7; it behooves you to BE and DO you; being responsible for your own happiness and realizing that your are “youniquely” Y.O.U for a reason.

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    1. Yes. Yesss. Yesssss!!!!! Living with me 24/7 would be dreadfully painful if I didn’t love me, trust my judgment or listen to my inner voice. Thanks for this feedback; and for journeying with me on this blog!!!!! Cheers, Dee


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