A Senryu Poem

Mindfulness Wherever you find yourselfThere you are 2021. All rights reserved. ©createdbyDEEsign.com Written for today’s Word of the Day Challenge, the word is “self”. Thank you for reading.First time to the site? Welcome! You may start here👈 and for more follow the blog here👈In creative solidarity, Dee

Now Life©

LifeYou’ve thrown the yin-and-yangOf tears and laughterOf sorrow and joyOf downs and upsOf heartbreak and heart-wholeOf sickness and health Through it all you revealed to meMy strengthMy vulnerabilityMy resilienceMy truthMy authenticityMy bounce-back-ability Trade, I would not, your offeringsAccept, I have—vapid or lively—your givingsPrepared, I am, to live life wholeheartedly acceptingAll there is to livingIn such …

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Dear Time©

Dear Time, You bridge the continual sequencing of events and existence Did you see this tragedy forming? Bit by bit in irreversible succession compounding? Unfolding? In one moment connecting, yet past from present from future you’re disconnecting? Tick-tock … Tick-tock … Tick. Stealthily moving, sequentially You’re at the beginning and you’re at the end Not …

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At the End of the Rainbow

Like a Leprechaun she traveled down life’s many roads searching to find the hidden places of treasures Embracing every loss and every gain till she discovered the most valuable gem The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was always in her ©2021 createdbyDEEsign. All rights reserved. This post was inspired by Sonya …

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BirthMONTH—Day 17: I Affirm Today NOT to Betray Myself

Betraying yourself is being unfaithful to the authentic you. The you with all your weaknesses, quirks and flaws. The you with all your strengths, uniqueness and flawsomeness. When was the last time you said something unkind to yourself? Maybe even using words you’d never use to someone else. Or, have you been unkind or unloving …

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BirthMONTH—Day 16: I Affirm Today, Me NOT “They”

Have you ever met “they”? You know that all-encompassing “they” that direct and control your life course, your choices, your happiness? The “they” in “what will they say?” or “what will they think?” But, they don’t live your life, do they? Then why should their opinion matter as much as they do, or at all? …

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