Pay Day© [A Haibun]

She recalled her dead mamma’s words: “Child, if you run from something you’ll run from everything. There are some things you gotta fight for. Some battles God fight for you and others He fights through you”. Her mamma’s words—palpable and empowering—stayed on replay till she found her fighting strength. Emboldened.

Bags packed in waiting
Drunken footsteps approaching
Today is goodbye

Today is pay day. The ritual has been the same. This started in May. May 15th to be exact. She remembers it, and each episode thereafter, as vivid as it was yesterday though it’s been three years, two months, one week, 14 days. Yes, she’s been keeping track of pay day ‘cause that’s when it happens. Today she stood. Today she fought. Today she left. Today the ritual ended.

2021 ©createdbyDEEsign 
All rights reserved

Also contributing to Fandango’s One Word Challenge, episode; and Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt, palpable.

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