BirthMONTH—Day 3: I Affirm Today to Speak My Truth

Word of the day:
to observe/examine your own mental & emotional processes

You have a voice—not just the sound you utter through your mouth; but the power to express your opinion and attitude. Be bold and confident and own that voice in your head. Your voice is the embodiment of who you are—your voice is your YOU. Speak up and speak out. Your opinion matters and it doesn’t matter if it’s from a unique perspective. You don’t live in the world the exact same way everyone else does, then why would your opinions and viewpoints be exactly the same?

Speaking your truth means first knowing your voice. It requires introspection—to examine what’s going on in your mind (mental check-in) and the emotional processes you go through. It also requires respecting your voice by not allowing yourself to be silenced or intimated; but, to instead speak your truth with confidence and grace.

Your voice is also your attitude and self-expression—the way you dress, your gait, the way you style your hair and even the way you gesticulate. Speak/dress/wear/express your truth boldly and with confidence.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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