Shabbat Shalom: Reflection

In addition to—the tranquility of Sabbath peace; the blessings of Sabbath worship; the refreshing of Sabbath rest; and those Selah moments of pause like mini-Sabbaths that can be taken throughout the week—is the joy of Sabbath reflection.

Sabbath is a time of reflection.

Many people tend to think of Sabbath as merely a command given by an authoritarian God: “Thou shalt keep the Sabbath!” (imagine a gruffly voice). Seen in this way the most essential attribute of Sabbath— i.e. relationship—is lost.

Prior to Sabbath being carved into stone, it was carved into the psyche. How do I know this? Because in pronouncing the Sabbath, God started with “remember”. To remember is to bring back to one’s mind an awareness of something previously seen, known, or experienced in the past.

“Remember the Sabbath day…”, He says. But why? To reflect on one of the primary attributes of God—creator—“…for in six days the Lord made [created] …” (Exodus 20:8-11).

Sabbath is a call back to reflection, not on ourselves, but on creation and in so doing we find/see God. For, within everything God created is embedded a revelation and a reflection of who He is.

The joy of Sabbath reflection lies in the opportunity it affords our brains to pause amidst the chaos of life and to shift focus. To foster a deeper sense of connection to God and all that He’s created and in so doing build our relationship with Him and with our communities of family, friends, believers etc.

Shabbat Shalom. May you find the joy of Sabbath reflection.

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