Deception Over Love: A Short Story

Delilah exhaled in exacerbation. Exhausted, and left with no more words of defense, she stomped out angrily into the court yard.

Pacing aimlessly back and forth, muttering to herself:

“How can they say these things about me?”

“I did this for my people!”

Caught up in ruminating, Delilah didn’t see the crowd growing about her in the courtyard. Her inner castigating jolted to a halt when Martha, who was always jealous of her relationship with Samson, screamed vehemently at her:

“You did this to him! You evil, conniving little witch!”

Delilah felt the extremity of Martha’s hatred and disgust.

“Out with his eyes! Out with his eyes!”

Turning in the direction of the angry mob, Delilah dashed back into the inner court, forcing her way through the crowd that had thickened around Samson. She got to Samson just as the soldier who had given her the small red drawstring purse with 30 pieces of silver, extracted his second eye.

Blinded by loyalty over love, she had blinded the man of her affections. There was no way to redeem herself from this deception. Martha was right to bring this calumny against her.

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Today’s piece was written for: Your Daily Word Prompt (extremity); Fandango’s One Word Challenge (redeem); Ragtag Daily Prompt (calumny); and Word of the Day Challenge (exhausted).

Thank you for reading!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

12 thoughts on “Deception Over Love: A Short Story

  1. Lonia

    First, thanks for teaching me the word calamny – I had to look it up! I loved the vivid language and storytelling in this piece. Have you read The Red Tent by Anita Diamant? I enjoyed that book and this reminds me of how engaged I felt entering the narration of a Biblical story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Teehee 🤭 I learned the word too Lonia!!! The challenge was to use it in a sentence in the story the right way. Glad you enjoyed it. That was my 1st short story on the blog and the S&D saga was just perfect to riff off. No i haven’t read The Red Tent. Will look it up. Thanks for stopping by abs engaging. Appreciate it. Dee


    1. Yeah, possibly.

      Had to find a way to use “calumny”. This Martha wasn’t about empathy. She wanted Samson and now he’s blinded, discarded. She’s mad!

      Thanks for stopping by and for engaging Harri!!!


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