Shabbat Shalom: What In God’s Name—Jehovah Nissi (Banner)

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For today’s post we’ll continue the series “What In God’s Name” with Jehovah Nissi.

First I wrote the post following the format of previous posts; but I was inspired to revert to a poem I first wrote for a friend who called very late one night, he was quite distressed. He was teetering on the edge of giving up, letting go he said; he thought life had dealt one too many blows. We talked at length—thank God over time he found hope and joy to keep on living. I later penned a poem for him, “Be Encouraged©”, which speaks to God as our banner/our refuge/our Jehovah Nissi especially in those times when we feel neglected (it was first published in my book Moments: A Poetic Autobiography).

So, in talking about Jehovah Nissi today I wanna focus on something that’s plaguing our world—suicide—it’s a pandemic within a pandemic, really. The times are as the Bible described:

Men’s hearts failing them for fear….

Luke 21:26

But the Bible doesn’t leave it there, thank God, it encourages us to “…stand, look up, lift up your heads [to God our Banner/Refuge]; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

I think of the very first time God revealed Himself as our banner/refuge—the children of Israel were up against a formidable, well-seasoned warrior tribe, the Amalekites. It was to be their first-ever battle. In fact, the Amalekites terrorized the Israelites for centuries—that first battle was the beginning of the war.

This first battle plan was simple, but foolproof and a guaranteed win—their leader Moses was to stand up on a hill and lift up the rod of God. The people could see the banner raised. When it was lowered, the Amalekites got the upper hand. But when it was raised, the children of Israel pushed the enemy back and regained the upper hand. So Aaron and Hur, who were with Moses on the hill, helped to keep his hand up and the rod of God aloft for the duration of the fight.

This was a clear indication that:

  1. The battle was theirs to fight, but the war was God’s to win.
  2. In every battle we need supporters—the lifter-up of our hands, and our heads.

The children of Israel’s role was: Show up. Raise the banner. Keep the banner raised. Look up. Defend yourselves.

Following this battle plan God won and Israel prevailed over their enemies. When it was over, Moses showed that he recognized the Lord as the source of their victory and so: “Moses built an altar and called its name, The-Lord-Is-My-Banner (Exodus 17:15).

Nissi comes from the Hebrew word “nês” which means banner. So, Jehovah Nissi—the Lord is My Banner

Today, the war continues.

Listen, the truth of the matter is this: life comes with battles because the enemy of God is in an all-out war with Him and the fight is over us—God’s children. The devil’s plan is to annihilate us, but God ain’t having it! So, it’s war on!!!!!

In this war we must choose whose banner we’re under. God’s banner is an illustration of His protection, His redemption and His salvation. God’s banner identifies those who choose to belong to Him.

The Bible assures us:

  • “We will rejoice in your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners!” (Psalm 20:5).
  • “You have raised a banner to . . . save us and help us with your right hand, that those you love may be delivered” (Psalm 60:4-5).

The battle plan is the same and it’s still foolproof and a guaranteed win—look to Jehovah Nissi, our banner/refuge.

As the war intensifies, many many hearts are failing of fear. But God doesn’t leave us defenseless.

And now, for today’s Shabbat Shalom blessing, I share with you the poem: “Be Encouraged©”.

See you next week for the 6th of the 7 redemptive names of God—Jehovah Raah—our Shepherd.

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4 thoughts on “Shabbat Shalom: What In God’s Name—Jehovah Nissi (Banner)

  1. VivH

    Inspirational! Thanks for this message. I am never alone. Such encouragement. The journey is short, and I love the fact that someone is here to help us along with these beautiful messages. Thank you one again for sharing.

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