Shabbat Shalom: If Jesus Lived on Earth Today©

Before-word: What if Jesus—in His physical form—stopped by to visit me today? What would I do? Invite Him in? What would I say? “Come on in. Take a seat. May I get you something to drink?” Or maybe I’d be too astounded to utter even one word. Maybe I’d just sit at his feet and wait for Him to speak.

If Jesus lived on earth today
Would He join the conversations in all you had to say?
Or would there be some bleep . . . bleep . . . bleep
For those words you just couldn’t complete?
And if, unannounced, He knocked at your door
Would He be shocked at all there was in store?
Would you have to hide the movies or change the songs you play?
Or would you bid Him “welcome in” without a moment’s delay?


If Jesus lived on earth today
The good news of salvation He’d always say
Or do you think He’d wait for a more opportune time
Maybe when friends weren’t around to be divine?
Would He always testify of His Father above?
Showing compassion, kindness and unconditional love?
Feeding the hungry, opening to the homeless a door?
Storing up treasures in heaven though on earth He’d be poor?


If Jesus lived on earth today
He would walk the straight and narrow all the way
Ignoring the broad way knowing that route
Would take Him farther from the Truth
Jesus does live on the earth today
He resides in hearts—mind what you do, mind what you say
He hears the temptations the devil sends your way
He understands, He’s been there, He wants to hear you say:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
For through His death, you’ve got the victory

Consistently asking myself “what if Jesus lived on earth today” helps make me cognizant of the realness of His presence in my life.

What “If Jesus Lived on Earth Today”? In essence, He does in that He resides in the hearts of those willing to receive Him.

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved

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