Mid-Week Boost: Persevere!

With one word—persevere—US Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson preached a sermon and let lose a rallying call.

In that one moment her daughter looks on in admiration and confirmation that her mom is not only the epitome of perseverance but that she has her mom to emulate as she too will need to persevere.

On the other hand is her husband, and he is in tears. He’s listened and watched his wife being battered and grilled relentlessly. Despite having more judicial experience than 43 of the last 58 the US justices who took the bench, some members of the Congress could not forgo racist throes, ludicrous questioning and misogynoir.

Many many moments of the confirmation hearing stood out for me. But, when asked what she’d say to young people, her response: “I would tell them persevere”, really resonated with me!

And she’s demonstrated perseverance throughout her studies, her career, her life, and surely drew on it during her Supreme Court Nomination Hearing.

At this mid-week point of the week, let’s join the rallying call to PERSEVERE!!!!

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In creative solidarity, Dee

13 thoughts on “Mid-Week Boost: Persevere!

  1. Yes Indeed! the time is near…let us see and hear, endure and persevere…Let it be clear…I shall persevere…put it on my resume…its a defining moment in my life, in my career…the time is near and it is clear…I need to persevere…Thanks Dee for this booster…it prevents me from caving in or throwing in the towel… great message with a great illustration…

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    1. Hello Anneta. Thanks for stopping by. She spoke to a tremendous amount of noteworthy issues, but the “persevere “ story really stood out for me. So yes I had to write on it. Appreciate you engaging!!! Dee

      Liked by 1 person

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