Shabbat Shalom In 7 [with audio]

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Did you know that the Bible uses the number 7 quite often? In fact, it has been argued that the number 7 is associated with divine completion and spiritual perfection, and aptly so. For today’s Shabbat Shalom post, through a poem—“The I Am”—we’ll look at one of those usages of the number 7. It’s in the Book of Saint John where Jesus uses humanly descriptive “I AM” statements 7 times to reveal attributes about Himself. Seven times to reinforce the complete and perfect incarnation wherein God became one of us, to be one with us, in order that He may save us.

The I Am©

If there was another who had such love, I would honor that god
If there was another who had such power, I would worship that god
If there was another who had such magnificence, I would praise that god

But, in all the universe there is
None as loving
None as powerful
None as magnificent as You
You alone are the only true God

There is none who commands the heavens
There is none who creates and recreates
There is none who dies so He may save
There is none who bears the scars to the width and breadth of His love, like You

You are the lavishly-adoring, love-engraving, scar-bearing, cross-carrying, emptying-Yourself-of-everything, forgive-them-while-You’re-bleeding God

You are the ridiculously-creative, universe-out-of-nothing, galaxy-shaping, the real-big-bang, imitated-but-can’t-ever-be-duplicated God

You are the out-of-dirt-body-forming, kneel-in-the-dust-and-make-man-look-like-Him, kiss-of-life-breathing God

You are the time-space-continuum-defying, here-there-everywhere-ever-present, all-knowing-all-powerful-infinite-transcendent-immanent God

Though I can’t ever get anything right
Though I can do no good thing
Though I am stubborn, stiff-necked, prone to stray
Though I hurt You time and time again
Yet, You, the all-powerful God declares:

I am Your child, I am Your name, Your reputation, Your image
I am Your crown, I am Your glory, Your honor, Your love
I am the proof that You are who You say You are

You are:
Creator! Redeemer! Savior! Sanctifier!
Keeper! Sustainer! Provider! Shelter!
Refiner! Life-giver! Vindicator! Negotiator!
Comforter! Strengthener! Restorer! Redeemer!
Beauty-for-ashes, joy-for-mourning, praise-for-brokenness Exchanger!

You are:
Brother yet Father
Judge yet Advocate
First yet Last
Beginning yet End
Lily yet Rose
Bread yet Water
Giver yet Taker
Sword yet Shield
Branch yet Root
High-Priest yet Sacrifice
Shepherd yet Lamb
Man yet God

How can this be?
You are God, before You there was no other
You exist by Yourself and for Yourself
You are independent of any source, entity or concept
You are uncreated and ongoing
You are the quintessence God
You are

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Shabbat Shalom. May you come to know the nature and character of God as the I Am.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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