Flower of the Day Challenge #22: of Orchids & Snow

So we’re under a nor’easter with heavy snowfall. It’s cold but what a warmth in my heart this orchid is generating. She’s the first bloom of the season.

From the dairy of a HappyOrchidMom

Thanks to Cee for hosting the Flower of the Day prompt.

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

10 thoughts on “Flower of the Day Challenge #22: of Orchids & Snow

    1. Thanks so much. Thankfully no need to go out so admiring all from the warmth of indoors!!! Yes orchids are beautiful. A few years ago each week I’d buy cut flowers till I discovered and got the hang of growing orchids. Now they’re my flowers of choice to add life, color and flare to the house (and cheaper in the long run than cut flowers and nicer to Mother Nature) 💐 Have a great week ahead

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