New York, New York©

She’s lights flashing
She’s noise reverberating
She’s drama unfolding
She’s concrete buildings
She’s yellow cabs hailing
She’s never sleeping
She’s New York, New York

She’s 5th Avenue
Models and agents
Fashionistas and designers
She’s Broadway
Musicians and poets
Actors and directors
She’s Park Avenue
Cathedrals and parks
High rises and skyscrapers
She’s New York, New York

She’s renaissance Harlem
She’s boogie-down Bronx
She’s classy Manhattan
She’s pizza
She’s hotdogs
She’s street meat
She’s inspiration
She’s convenience
She’s excitement
She’s New York, New York

She’s contrasting
She’s empowering
She’s dream-making
She’s mesmerizing
She’s fascinating
She’s captivating
She’s New York, New York

2022 ©DeeMin All rights reserved

Thank you for journeying along.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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