That Drink! — A Poetic Co-Creation | with audio

Before-word: Very special and fun thanks to the bloggers/readers who joined in on last week’s post [see it 👉here👈] to co-create a poem with me which I’m posting this week.

So, here’s to OUR poem: “That Drink”! Look out for your words/lines as you read /listen along.

Said the pineapple to the lime
Sun’s blazing across the skyline
‘Tis the mixologist’s shining moment
That drink to relieve beach goers’ torment

Ice, pineapple blended together
Now that’s a real thirst quencher
Uggh, pineapples belong on pizza!
Nah-ah! Bring on the mix, hype up the pleasure

Said the beach goer to the drink mixer
Pour me another for me and my partner
Life doesn’t get much better than daiquiri by the sea
Ahhhh, that’s just what the doc prescribed for me

Tangy, tasty, a cocktail refreshing
Mhmm — YESSS — first-sip reliving
Brilliantly garnished like a summer’s day sun
Gulp gulp — NOOO — it’s all done!?

Ahoy! Ahoy! Thanks a lot fella!
De-lish delightful drink—deliciosa!
This is the life relaxing on the beach
A taste of paradise all within reach

Heart sipping heaven’s sweet serving
That refreshing drink beach bodies craving
Resting now embracing love
Cooling soul like a gift from above

At last
What a blast
Just what I needed
Thirst superseded

That drink!

THANK YOU to the following bloggers/readers (in order of responses). Did you see your words/lines?!

2022 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

22 thoughts on “That Drink! — A Poetic Co-Creation | with audio

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