The Jaguar Parade©

She’s America’s largest cat
Iconic symbol of
Yet she’s being eradicated from our world, her world
Steadily and deliberately hunted
Her habitats threatened by loss, fragmentation
Overhunting of what’s her prey leaves her less to partake, she strays
In territories of people, there’s conflict she looses limb and life, she dies

Today she roars her message of conservation and protection
Across the globe she parades
She sits at the seat where world leaders gather
She bids them welcome to their 77th session
The General Assembly of the United Nations
Called to action with artistic glow
Life imitating art
She brings her cause front and center for the world’s attention
Do you see her?
Will you save her?
The Jaguar Parade

2022 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

16 thoughts on “The Jaguar Parade©

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    1. They’re even more captivating seen with the naked eye—the attention to detail is breathtaking. These artists are super talented using their art for a earth-saving cause. Thanks for being constant in your visits DocMom😉Sadje

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