When Art Speaks: Ode to ARTivism©

Covid-Conflict-Climate with personal traumas double

Leave no doubt our world is in big trouble

Divides are growing wider

Challenges are becoming greater

Inequalities are entrenching deeper

Bodies of women, girls weaponized, rights rolling back further

The drum-cry for climate action, conflict cessation beats ever louder

It ricochet off United Nations walls where world leaders gather

It’s in the tapestry of poetry, spoken word reciter

It’s in the brush and colorful strokes of muralist, painter

ARTivism. Conveyed on walls, painted on jaguar’s sculpture

The voices of world leaders and artists echo, efforts redouble

Our world is in big trouble


There is something we each can do

You plus me—8 billion strong—not few

We have the collective power to pursue

Policies and legislation whether old or new

Pen’s power mightier than sword rings true

To move from words to act, action-on-action accrue

The agency of voice, power of vote—change will breakthrough

To build back better systems, post-Covid debut

Better means just with equity, reaching equal outcome for all, not the few

The divides don’t need block restorative field of view

There’s enough to go around inequalities undo

Challenges we can overcome—political, socio-economic too

Our world is in big trouble, that’s true

But, there is something we each can do

Poets use their words: Amanda Gorman, “An Ode We Owe” recited at opening of UNGA77

Poem inspired in part by the UN Secretary-General’s address to the UN General Assembly (UNGA77) and by the power of art to ignite activism and inspire change.

2022 ©Dawn Minott All Rights Reserved

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In creative solidarity, Dee

15 thoughts on “When Art Speaks: Ode to ARTivism©

  1. Dawn, this post is one that I had to step back from and let it in penetrate in the pores of my spirit. Yes, the world is in trouble but as you duly noted, we can do something. I love ARTivism in progress and the jaguar sculptures are absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for sharing the video of Amanda. 😊👏🏼🥰 She is the future of poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks much Michelle. After listening to proceedings over this week of the UN General Assembly I was moved to write this call-to action piece. In many ways we’re waiting on government/political leaders etc to change when within the collective WE is the power to demand and even make change. We’ve given away so much of our power and voice. Like the power of the vote. I could go on … teehee 🤭 thanks for stopping by and engaging


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