What Does Sunset, Dinner & Rooftop in Zanzibar Have in Common? ©Dawn Minott

Whenever, wherever I travel I try to find the most interesting, culturally-relevant experiences I can have and immerse myself fully in them.

Enjoy this travelogue — moments of a sunset dinner on the highest rooftop restaurant in Zanzibar.

Along the twists and turns of a maze of crumbling alleyways in fabled Old Stone Town in Zanzibar (Tanzania), up what feels like a hundred stairs on a steep ascent to the most astonishing sunsets is—the Emerson on Hurumzi rooftop restaurant!

When you enter the hotel before ascending to the restaurant, you’re greeted by hosts with beautiful corsage.
The climb up to the restaurant is steep. The narrow wooden staircase winds up and further up, but at each landing is a view worth stopping to pause for a while (like this mural) and of course to catch your breath.
For a most authentic experience, seating is Swahili style, on thick Persian rugs and with low tables.

Ooh la lah … hands immersed in warm rose-fragrant water before the start of a delectable dining experience fused with Omani and Persian influences.

and if all this wasn’t enough, the night is topped off with live music by a traditional Taarab singer & band.

Question: What does sunset, dinner and rooftop in Zanzibar have in common?

Answer: The makings of a unforgettable experience with memories for a lifetime.

Side Note: Its sister restaurant is the Emerson Spice. It’s in a beautifully ornated old Swahili mansion which has its roots deep in the history of Zanzibar and credited by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. And quite fittingly so because it’s history includes being home of the last Swahili ruler of Zanzibar, Muhammed bin Ahmed, known as Mwenyi Mkuu.

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