Tribute: Remember Me© [final phase]

Before-word: I wrote this piece as a tribute to the life of a dear dear friend (may her soul Rest In Peace). There was so much to say about this beautiful life, sharing it here in phases, this is the final phase.

Resting In Peace

And now …
I am the breath held in trust by the Creator
He is my love
He who had my heart now holds my soul
I will not see you cry or know the tears you shed
He who holds my soul bottles every tear, He sees … He knows
I will not see you go on living or know the ways your heart will break
He who holds my soul, holds your heart, He sees … He knows
I knew you for just a moment in time
I’ll know you for eternity when we meet the Divine
When you miss me, recall me
In your memories I live on


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In creative solidarity, Dee

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