Dress to Express

What’s your T-shirt saying?

T-shirts are arguable the most functional piece of clothing in our closets. More recently I’ve come across Tees used as signposts for thoughts/feelings/stance on a range of issues making them artistic creative statement apparels.

Statements like:

  • Unapologetically dope
  • I never lose, I either win or I learn
  • Periodt. [oh yeah, when the “t” is added (“periodt”), you know no further discussion will be tolerated]
  • I’m not for everyone
  • I love the skin I’m in
  • Classy but thou shalt not try me. Mood 3:65 [I really like this one, it’s feisty with a nod to “commandment”-level caution/warning]
  • You want my rhythm?! You gotta take my blues.
  • Black lives matter

So it seems whether solidarity or protest, whether reclaiming space or questioning narratives, the messages we champion on our chests can contribute to how we’re understood in the world.

Particularly when you’re part of any group that has been OTHERED in the mainstream, the message on a T-shirt is one way to articulate a point without a direct action (like the caveat to start what may otherwise be a difficult conversation).

Whether challenging racial inequality or promoting body positivity or questioning gender inequities, when you can mirror what you think/feel (emotional level) with words prominently worn on your chest/close to your heart (aesthetic level), it’s as if your WHOLE self culminates in your fashion choice.

Thank you for reading.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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