Midweek Boost: What’s Deeper Than Love?

I was helping my nephew with his assignment, when I saw a pensive expression that was far too intense to be just about his school work.“What’s up with that look?” I asked.

With deep sincerity he responded with his own question: “Why are you helping me?”

And he wasn’t satisfied with “… because you’re my nephew” or “… because I love you”.

No. He was searching for a deeper motivation. A motivation deeper than love?!

I hadn’t thought about the why. I just knew that I wanted to contribute to him being able to complete the assignment which I know would make him happy. But, when he forced me to give him a more deeply ruminative answer my contemplation led me to this realization—I was first and foremost grateful for the opportunity to help him succeed.

This is what I learned from being challenged by my nephew:

Not only can gratitude inspire happiness, it can also inspire the intention to contribute to the happiness of someone else.

Happy hump day!!! Let’s get over and into the rest of the week in gratitude.

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In creative solidarity, Dee

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